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A brand new hardware/software groove production studio. Covered in depth by Create Digital Music. I’ll be picking one up when it drops in April.

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Thanks, Van. Interesting idea. I’ve had good luck adding lyrics to my MP3 metadata with Get...
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Hi Graham, I like your approach. I’d like to run a regression on words per song per year as...
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Thanks for the reminder on this. I have started playing with...
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I use
From: Bob Dylan Word Clouds

brilliant graham— many thanks mate. btw, when constructing your “word clouds”, what application were you...
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Looks about right!
From: NAMM Notes 2013

Absolutely! If you send me a pic when it’s done. I think it would be kick ass.
From: Bob Dylan Word Clouds

Hello, I love your clouds ! It’s possible to make my next Tattoo with your Pictures ? Thanks !
From: Bob Dylan Word Clouds

I’ll definitely add Tempest when I can get around to it and give you an update when I do.
From: Bob Dylan Word Clouds

Any chance of one for Tempest?
From: Bob Dylan Word Clouds


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