Final Score

My Graham English Blog beat my Graham English Blog Archives in a solid victory. Click here to join the celebration and update your bookmarks…

iGrahamEnglish is just GrahamEnglish

Whatever you do, don’t put your blog in a subdomain unless you really know what you’re doing. And don’t sweat it when you abandon a blog because every moment is new. Stay in touch on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe by email.

Cleaning Up My Act

I’m doing some housecleaning and moving a lot of the content on this blog to my artist site: I’ll keep the blog up but this site will have a new purpose shortly. Let the suspense build.

Logic Pro Mixing, Metering, And Loudness Explained

In this Logic Pro tutorial, you’ll learn how to make mixing easier and make your mixes sound better.

Blog Update

Here’s how the blog is changing and why I haven’t updated in over a year.