How To Become A Mind Control Expert

Your most precious resource is your mind. Your ability to think, plan, decide, and take action is the most powerful force for good in your life. Make a commitment to yourself to take complete responsibility for your mind. Exercise MIND CONTROL.

  1. Manage Your State of Mind in All Situations

    Control your internal representations (pictures, words, sounds, emotions) and control your physiology.

  2. Manage Other People’s State of Mind

    Control other people’s internal representations and physiology.

  3. Gather, Manage and Implement Intelligence

    Ask questions to elicit values, beliefs, feelings and other information from the people in your life.

  4. Network Your Way To the Top

    Controlling the minds that control other minds leverages your MIND CONTROL power.

  5. Be a MIND CONTROL Hunter

    The MIND CONTROL hunter doesn’t wait for opportunity to come to them. Hunters go the extra mile and are always searching for opportunity.

  6. Build Credibility

    Have confidence with what you have to offer and be first to offer the key drawback of your products or services.

  7. Develop a Sense of Fascination

    Decide that you will learn everything that people are willing to share. Other people’s interests become your new areas of fascination and curiosity.

  8. Change the Frame

    Reframing is taking lemons and making lemonade. The “what if” frame takes the form of, “What if you were successful at selling, how would you feel?” Preframing involves handling any problems that are likely to come up in advance. Deframing is a linguistic tool that may used on prospects who definitely want your products or services. Simply make it explicitly clear that you will move on and allow others to take advantage of your products and services if they don’t act by X.

  9. Uncover Conditions to Confirmation

    If you sense a professional prospect has a condition to confirmation, simply ask, “Is there something I’m missing, that I should know about that is causing you to wonder about this product or service?” If they respond with a concern, address it and let them buy. If they respond with a condition, don’t let them buy. There will be another day for you both.

  10. Know When to Ask for the Sale

    Ask for the sale the moment the prospect wants to buy and not a second later.

For more MIND CONTROL information, check out my Hypnotic Influence series.

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  1. says

    Some excellent tips here. Particularly liked 6 and 7, but you could write a whole post on each one of those ideas. I’ll have to keep them in mind for future meetings with potential clients!

    Thanks for stopping by my list blog as well!

  2. says

    This whole concept is fascinating. It’s amazing how much your mind is able to control (and influence) your reality. I’m particularly interested in the idea of reframing what you believe in a more constructive way. Thanks for the post. I’ll be checking out more of your site.

  3. says

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. If not, I wouldn’t have know that there’s an interesting blog such as yours! I’ll check out the Hypnotic Influence for sure!

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    hey graham

    sorry for the tardiness! cheers for stopping by our blog and letting me know about your post.

    i have had a good look around and this is definitely one for the blogroll!

    cheers again and have a great day!